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Has any one ever used the Advanced Exchanged program from xbox support?  My xbox one has been having disc reading problems and support offered to send me a new one and after I get it I am suposed to send my current one to them.  It's an interesting concept, I was suprised they didn't really want to do a ton of troubleshooting, the disc errors. 

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Seems silly to respond to my own thread, but I'm too anal retentive to not finish my thought. If anyone ends up needing an Xbox through warranty. The advanced exchange is a good way to go. It comes really quickly and it's really easy to send the old one back since it comes with the packaging.

Recently i read all terms & conditions related to xbox.. The estimated charges include all parts and labor required for Service, shipping charges, plus applicable tax?? Is this?

they have a 'service fee' of 15.98 for it, I didn't really look at what it included. It's a flat rate though, so it would be the same for everyone (I believe). A normal repair was free, but that would mean sending your machine off for 3 weeks or so.