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What are some future platinum sellers not yet released?

Smash Brothers Brawl
Mario Kart Wii
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Wii
Tales of Symphonia Wii
Okami Wii

what else have we to potentially look forward to?

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whats about zelda twilight princess?

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As great s Okami is I would be pleased it it reached gold let alone platinum.

Late in the year we are getting WiiMusic and Animal Crossing. I think those are both givens. Kirby is a probably but might take until next year.

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Okami's success may depend on just how starved Wii owners are for good games.

koopatrooper said:
whats about zelda twilight princess?

 It already has obtained platinum status, these are just ones that could get that honor :)

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kirby is big in Japan, I say it sell 1 million in first 8 weeks WW.

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bigjon said:
kirby is big in Japan, I say it sell 1 million in first 8 weeks WW.

 have they given kirby a release date yet?

most of these games are missing whole regions of numbers probabaly more gold and platinums than meets the eye

update: I've removed Sonic and the Secret Rings b/c it was fixed and has hit platinum!!!

I believe thats even # 20

Capcom says Umbrella Chronicles has sold platinum. It's likely a matter of when the numbers are updated.


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