your honest review of tomodachi life?

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what do you think of it? is there much re playability? fun?

it looks intresting to me i like the idea of mii's with a life but i am un sure of it. 



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It's a great idea there's a lot to love about it. Just be sure to scan a bunch of QR codes so you can have lots to do. Also don't play at night lol was just playing 10 mins ago and they all fell asleep not much to do while they're snoozing


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Hmm...it's a very strange game. Imagine Animal Crossing, but you don't have your own house. Instead, the whole game is interacting with the villagers, but there's a lot more to do with them, and lots of it is really weird and random, and you design the villagers yourself, and they can have kids, and...yeah, there's really no comparison. It's hard to say whether you'll like it. If you look at it and think "yeah, I'd be into that" then you probably are. If you think it looks stupid, you'll probably think it's stupid if you play it. If you're really unsure, you might want to wait till the price comes down to the point where you feel like it's no big deal if it doesn't have crazy replayability.