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+ Evolve
- Uncharted 4

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+ Evolve
- Deep Down


+Uncharted 4


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+Kingdom Hearts
- Dragon Age

Probably my last vote. With Kingdom Hearts about to die there's nothing really left for me to root for.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

+Kingdom Hearts III
-Super Smash Bros.

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+ Dying Light
- Bayonetta 2

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+Legend of Zelda U
-Mario Kart 8

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GhetooBillGates said:
Kratos said:
GhetooBillGates said:

LOL Kratos you are so overkill, show some respect for the fallen btw nice Sir.Daniel Fortesque gif, looks pretty hot.


I would dare say that sire Dan is BONErific Wish Sony would make a Medievil 3 already

Guerilla Cambridge is said to be making a PS4 title, and there was a rumor spread by tidux Sony will make two mind blowing announcements that will blow minds for old and new playstation fans alike, so fingers croseed GG cambridge bring back the royal knight. 

Man that would be freaking awesome! Hope Cambridge delivers this E3

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+ Kingdom Hearts III
- The Crew


That should take care of the Bat. I wonder what my next target should be...