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Looks cool, might get for pc! 3 30.00%
Awesome,ps4 version for me prob! 3 30.00%
Coolio, might check out for xbone!! 0 0.00%
Meh, indie garbage! 0 0.00%
Not on the platform I own! 2 20.00%
Not sure 2 20.00%
looks ok 0 0.00%
hmmmmm 0 0.00%

Saw, this cool looking game on ign. It kind of reminds me of limbo. What do you think?

Upper One Games has announced Never Alone, a puzzle-platform game set to explore the culture and folklore of Alaska Natives.

Due out in autumn on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $14.99, you take on the role of a young Iñupiaq girl called Nuna, and her arctic fox companion. The game brings together a beautiful aesthetic with stories, characters and folklore that have long been circulated in Alaska Native cultures.

Gameplay will centre on switching between Nuna and the fox to complete puzzles, and a co-op mode in which each player controls a character is also planned. The game will have eight chapters, with Native folklore characters such as Manslayer, Blizzard Man, Sky People, the Little People and the Rolling Heads all appearing.



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This looks really nice, really looking forward to seeing reactions to it.

Sounds interesting, especially with it being based on native Alaskan culture.

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Honestly, that's one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen. Wow.

Aesthetically that looks really excellent! Great atmosphere, setting and audio - pretty unique.

On a technical and gameplay-level not at all, though. Which could still change before release, of course, but I doubt it.

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Wow that looks really good *-*!

Wishlisted for PC!


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It's still next gen until last gen is dead. Carry on.

Well, this is new.


looks pretty good.

spemanig said:
It's still next gen until last gen is dead. Carry on.

So the Wii U is the only next gen system? ;D

OT: It looks okay. I'll have to read some reviews/previews when the time comes, though, cause this trailer really didn't show much to get excited about aside from nice aesthetics. It's a puzzle game - show us some puzzles!

Wow, that's beautiful, really made my day.

P.S. Wish people stop using next and current gen, and instead switch to what that Ubi guy used instead - New and Old gen.