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To anyone who plays Killzone Shadow Fall, and has been playing it since the update on Monday 31/03/2014, have you noticed an increase in the lag? I mean a DRAMATIC increase as well.

I have been looking forward to the Insurgent DLC, and today was my first chance to play with it, I went on earlier between shifts at work but it was just a couple of games and whilst I noticed a subtle change to the feel of the online play I wrote it off as nothing unusual as I find that everytime Killzone has an update they change the feel slightly each time. However having finished work I came home for what should have been a good 5-6 hour session, instead I've logged off half way through because everything, EVERYTHING now mind you is taking 0.5 to up to 3 seconds long to register and as you can imagine it's made it completely unplayable for me. It's just got progressively worse throughout the evening as well. Also, I've been disconnected from 5 or 6 games this evening which is a rather odd occurence, and one that I'm not used to. 

I do not use a wired connection (will do tomorrow to see if that will rectify the situation), and haven't since getting the PS4 back at launch, I've logged some 270 hours on Killzone prior to today with relatively little issues by comparison, and whatever issues I've had have not been this constant and have never got worse throughout the session as is the case today. 

If it's just me I'll look into my internet connection, but if others have also experienced similar issues then it could be something on their end I'm thinking, any help is greatly appreciated :)

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