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Worldwide, 2 millions all platforms combined. More than 1 million only on Xbox One.

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550k (Xbox One) + 250k (Xbox 360 + PC) = 800k

I'd bet 800k


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AZWification said:


1.25m across all platforms

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Judging by the fact this is the only game xbone owners have this year i'll say 500,000

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X360:3.2 mill

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1.1 million total

600k, would be higher if it was releasing on 360 in the same week.

Seece said:
Talal said:

Out of curiosity does anyone know how much Call of Duty 4 sold first week?

COD4 is a rubbish comparison, the game wasn't big when it launched, it became big overtime and was an incredibly leggy game.

Gears of War and Halo are far more apt.

Gears launched a year after 360 launch and sold to 20% of the userbase. Halo 3 launched nearly 2 years after 360 launch, and sold to nearly 40% of the userbase.

I feel like Titanfall has more hype than Gears, but less than Halo 3 obviously. So perhaps around 30% of current XB1 userbase? That puts it at 1.05m + whatever hardware bundle sells that week.

Even 20% attach rate like Gears of war, is 700k + hardware bundles that week.

I think you either underestimate or don't remember the hype for the first Gears. MS did an absolute fantastic job and I still remember the commercial today. Nothing with that kind of marketing is out for TF yet. Gears was also the top dog in the graphics department when it came out and gameplay was fantastic to boot. It was also one of the first mainstream games to offer cover shooting mechanics and online/offline co op missions to go with regular multiplayer and a decent SP campaign. TF does have some unique things going for it, but from a hype perspective and innovative perspective, the 1st Gears shits on it from a great distance IMHO.