If Sony/SSM announce God of War 4 this year, would you buy it?

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JoeTheBro said:
Yup. Especially if it had mp like gow:a.

That MP beta almost sold me on GoW:A alone, it was so much fun

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Nem said:

Yes. I loved Ascencion and i dont care about an IP that i know nothing about. Could be turning out crap for all i know.

But that's what irks me. We'll never know. The % of it being crap from a high quality studio like SSM is weird to even think. If it was crap, it would have to have been on a whole other level of crap. We've seen Sony release some pretty questionable first party games, quality wise in the last couple of years so this one would have to have been horrible. But SSM and the new writer for it, I just can't seem to fathom it being all that bad.

yes. i also hope it has multiplayer.

Nope. I never really liked this kind of games. I would prefer a new IP.
And Ascension was kinda good, but they shouldn't push the IP too far, I would be kinda upset if they start to ruin their own franchise.

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Blood_Tears said:
JoeTheBro said:
Yup. Especially if it had mp like gow:a.

Okay, MP I'll give you because that was different, but you don't find the series itself milked at all? 

2 GOW on PS2, 2 on PSP, 2 on PS3

minus HD/remasters

Depends how you look at it, SSM not only make games but foster studios who also make them. So alot of games published under SSM are new IP's.

I dont reckon its milked, plus the PSP ones were done by RAD

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I would purcahse another gow game.

They are really fun

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Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st

Yes but like someone said earlier only if it tells what happens to Kratos after GOW3...no more prequels.

Not every new IP is good for the industry. Better to cancel some before release.

I would, i not played ascension so i got a break.

Hell yes. But that's probably because I love the franchise so dearly.

I for one, feel that they should keep the God of War name and move to a different mythology to freshen things up. Either Norse or Egyptian. Preferably Norse. New hero (a spiritual successor to Kratos), new setting, new enemies, etc.

And I don't get the dislike Ascension is getting cause I thought the game was pretty good. Not GoW III level good but still pretty good. Must be franchise fatigue.

Also they are supposedly preserving the assets of the cancelled sci-fi IP so that game might see the light of day somewhere down the line, although hope is pretty slim I suppose.