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Demand "a la carte" cable television.

Under current law, you cannot opt-out of FOX. You are forced to put money in FOX's pockets every time you pay your cable bill.

The best way to keep FOX out of your home is to force cable companies to offer "a la carte" cable, where you only pay for the channels you want. A la carte will lower your cable bill, prevent inappropriate programming from entering your home, and will keep your money out of FOX's pockets.

Everyone knows FOX is a joke when it comes to broadcasing real news. Attacking everything from homeless veterans, to black americans, to democrates, to videogames (Mass Effect), doing what ever it can to get higher ratings, even posting soft porn (proof is in the videos). If you don't want FOX to steal your money, then sign it. Otherwise you dont have to.

Just watch some of the videos for proof of how bad it becoming.

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these petitions are getting ridiculous. We all know fox sucks; only people who agree with this obvious statement will sign it. It's not like people who are dumb enough to watch fox will see this and be like ''whoa shit, a petition? fox must suck, let's quit watching it."

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Yeah I gotta agree these online petitions are getting pretty annoying.

A la carte Cable will never be a reality. The cable companies would likely go under if it were the case. Few people I know want more than 10 cable channels.

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