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justinian said:
jlmurph2 said:

This commercial is miles ahead of the "family" commercial talked about in the vid. 

That's a good advert.

Nintendo has to go for the main gaming demographic 18-40. Which are the people who have great memories with them. They don't need a gimmick, they just need to remind people of why they loved playing from NES to N64. They're trying to advertise to the same casuals who bought the Wii. Totally bad idea.

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Just because WE aren't the market doesn't mean the market doesn't exist. It exists in my house. I dislike that ReviewTech guy anyway. I don't know why I subscribe to him because he always frustrates me. Hell, sometimes he has no clue what he's talking about. Remember that video where he used a parody as news? SMH.

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Review tech... This is not the guy that said that PS4 will need a update day one to take away the drm thing, and that cod will only be 1080p on wiiu? It's hard to stop and play attention to this guy again.

anyway, at least they made a decent one:

Target to the real soccer mons :P. And trying to target a wiiu to people that mostly don't want a use a tablet or a technology that is not in apr with ps4 its not a good decision.

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Nintendo needs Kevin Butler.

Yup thete wiiu commercials are geared towards kids


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coolguy said:
Yup thete wiiu commercials are geared towards kids

The Wii Fit U commercial says hello

Click HERE and be happy 

Fair point. They should probably rip off the same exact idea that both PS4 and Xbone used, having "real life" representations of their franchises in commercials, alongside gamers to make them look "hip". Copying the competition always works. Just ask MS and Sony, when it came to "innovating" motion controls.

I don't particularly like the adverts for any consoles except the PS4. I don't even own a PS4 and actually own a Wii U but most other commercials suck imo.

Well since we are the kids from the 80s who grew up and still play video games do we really need commercials targeting us?

After all we spend our time on gaming forums, watching E3 etc.. so don't we already know all we want to know lol.



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