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I just heard a report from someone that they got an Xbox One at Walmat for $100.  Do you believe it?

My mother's housekeeper just said that she placed an Xbox One in layaway at Wal~Mart for her little boy for Christmas and that she really hadn't paid anything towards its final price, but that she went to Wal~Mart on Black Friday to pick it up and that they reached it to her, said it's $100 is that okay with you? And that she got the Xbox One for $100.00.

Now I can only think of four explainations for this.  She actually got the $99 Xbox 360 which was on sell at Wal~Mart on Friday for $99, that a clerk made a mistake and sold her the Xbox One instead of a 4GB Xbox 360 for Christmas for $99, that she must have had some really good friends at Wal~Mart, or that Microsoft was trying to inflate their sales numbers by selling some Xbox Ones for dirt cheap prices ( note:  I consider that to be the least likely scenario).

What do you think?  Were lucky customers receiving smoking hot Xbox Ones ( whose empty boxes sell for $400 on ebay ) at Wal~Mart on Black Friday for $100.  I need to know because my mom doesn't think that almost all of the 2 Million People on earth that have an Xbox One actually paid over $500 for it.

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Either an unaware customer or a soon to be fired clerk.

Walmart allows for random charitable layaway payments. So some church or something could have went into the store and said "take this and pay x amount on x number of layaway accounts".

A more likely scenario though is she had a 360 on layaway, someone else had an Xbone, and the layaway clerk simply made a mistake.

No, there would have been more reports than just your mother's housekeeper.

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Are you sure it's actually a One not a 360? I saw a TV spot on the charity thing though the chances must be one in a million.

Daymm! that's way cheaper than that empty Xbox One box on E-Bay!

And tell your mother that 500 bucks is actually one of the lowest price you can find the Xbox one in the world at retail... Europe is about 35% more expensive on average...

pugsylicious said:
Daymm! that's way cheaper than that empty Xbox One box on E-Bay!

and its worth 900dollar(500for the xbox1&400 for the xbox1 box)

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Wat is this.

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