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 What do you guys think?

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To Quote myself:

HappySqurriel said:

Via Gamerankings ... there are 200 Wii games that have at least 1 review, there are 113 for the PS3; and the XBox 360 had a similar number to the PS3 at a similar point in its life. This means that there are 87 more games on the Wii than on the PS3 with the vast majority of them being cheap crap like Chicken Shoot.


Okay, but doesn't change the fact, does it?

^ But it doesn't count unless a game has twenty reviews right?

well...that's not gonna stop the hordes of ppl still buying Wiis so who cares

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already been discussed. But I think you're trolling with this.

Why am I trolling, I barely said anything and this is an article from a legitimate site. Not trolling.

no it doesnt but when you get a sh*t load of shovelware (because your the leading console, and everyone wants a peice of the pie a la PS1 & PS2) thats what happens, so the averages are not indicative of the actual quality of the AAA games on the system. besides im pretty sure the Wii has more 85%+, 90%+, and 95%+ games than the PS3, can someone confirm this? im sorta laid out from a flu, so I can't be bothered to look it up at the mo.

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the top console gets the shovelware every generation

even more magnified this time since it costs several times more to develop for ps360 than for wii

wii has more exclusive 90%+ games than the other 2 consoles, which is more important to me as a gamer

i don't have to buy gingerbread man, chicken shoot, etc

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Regardless of whether it only includes games with 20 reviews, a simple average like this is not a good representation of the line-ups ...

Practically no one disagrees with the following statements:

  1. Wii was not expected to be successful so received less support early on, and most of its early support was pretty bad.
  2. Many Wii games receive poor scores because reviewers do not know how to score unconventional games.
  3. The PS3's line-up is full of sports and racing games which tend to receive higher scores regardless of whether they have anything new beyond a roster update or increased numbers of cars.
  4. The PS3 has several highly rated ports of older XBox 360 games, and most of its line-up is full of multiplatform released games.