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What a joke. Manuals and maps are the reason I get retail copies. Call me old fashioned but manuals are integral part of any game. How much money will they save? A few cents. This tendency disgust me. I am really disappointed.





Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Vf53t2F-3U


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I think its not only about money, i should say i LOVE manual, but reallity check, this too kill tree for nothing, even if use used paper for make new paper, its still polutes.

But its just i see both ways, i hate digital, but when this come to not polutes its the best !

Please think about the poor trees. I have one on my park, and I wouldn't want it to be chopped down. They have a right to live. Try to be more comprehensive.

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Everything's going digital, this past gen was proof of that when they were putting some manuals as a digital file via disc.

Not a big loss imo but wait a few more years or a gen or two more and we wont be seeing anymore physical copies :P.


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well seeing as how everything that's in a manual can be found in the game why not help save trees and not make something most people look at a couple times then put it away to never be seen again

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i hate manuals, i hate cases.
the only reason i buy retail is, because i am able to resell it.

i hate all this plastic shit in my living room. i hate the dozens of cables you get every time you buy a electric device. how many usb charging cables do you have?

but i like maps.

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Lol. Do you guys think the energy that allows us to run electrical devices are pollution free? This is how corporations are brainwashing people to justify their cause.

Come on, not even a manual with warnings or warrancy terms ?
That's weird, even EA includes some documentation in their published games.

Misleading thread title. Reported.

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Every time I get a game I open the plastic wrap slowly (except games like uncharted 2 or gta v). I smell the box, smell the manuals and the glossy texture of a new disk is the feeling of ownership. Now I am a rare minority who wants manuals.