If you're not buying a Next-Gen Console at launch, what will make you do so?

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ktay95 said:
MGSV or FFXV being launch games would be enough for me to buy at launch. But for now im waiting on there release dates


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freebs2 said:
HesAPooka said:
Demon Souls 2

This. If that rumor was true I'm definetly going to buy a Ps4.

pfft. games with last last last gen mechanics don't belong in the next gen. (sorry I just don't like demon souls. :D)

At launch? Maybe for something like Shenmue.

Otherwise, I've still got a million games left to play on current gen stuff, and the PS4/XbOne won't really come into their own for another year or two.

Umm... nothing will make me buy a PS4/XB1 at launch, no backwards compatibility, just launch games, and all the bugs and hassles that come with new systems.

In one year's time... possibly a PS4.

If they brought forward inFamous Second Sons to be a day 1 launch game I'd probably by PS4 at launch. Otherwise I'm happy to wait.

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I already have a Wii U and got it as cheap as I could here.

I will get the PS4 when it stops being so damn expensive here, probably at the end of the gen, besides there are a few must have games for me so it's not a priority.

The Xbox One is the console I will never get. I don't like Kinect, I don't like the exclusive games except those RPG from the 360. And it will be way more expensive than any other next gen console so no.

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I won´t get any next-gen console on launch.
They´re just too expensive. I´ll wait price drops

Becoming available in a store near me.

IF I won the lottery, I would probably have paid the right people to have one of each right now!

Without the lottery, it will be next year sometime...

i wasn't planning to buy at launch but if that ps4/killzone/ps4 camera/extra controller for $500 bundle announced in europe is announced for the US i would have to buy. that is an extraordinary deal/value that won't be matched until the first price drop kicks in.