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I love the soundtrack 


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Looking good for me.

Looks good. Will get on disc. Can't wait to try it.


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At least an official trailer for this game, about time. Looks great. I've seen gameplay videos and is looking much better than E3.

Here for example:


is nice

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This new version looks better than what they showed at E3.

The lighting and environments are... well... something that I never saw in racing game before (PC included)... gorgeous.

I'm dreaming GT gameplay and cars with these environments.

My god these draw distances

After seeing new gameplay for DriveClub and Knack, I only need more gameplay for Killzone Shadow Fall to bring back my desire to buy a PS4 at the end of the year...

Game looks absolutely great. Will be a definite play for me, PS Plus or otherwise. 

I need to know what the song is! They also had a trailer at E3 with a song similar to this except it was more drum n bass and this one is dubstep. I know the song is something called "Hybrid - Be There Now" but I can't find anywhere to download it =/...Such a good song.