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If you have Amazon Prime (and the included Twitch Prime), you can download this month the games Hacknet: Complete Edition, Poi and Smoke & Sacrifice.

And after the awesome Metal Slug 3 (July) they added further classic SNK games this month: Baseball Stars 2, Fatal Fury Special, Metal Slug 2, Pulstar and Samurai Showdown II

You can keep all Twitch Prime games even after the Prime subscription ends.

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Samurai Showdown II and Fatal Fury Special... I remember reading the reviews and watching videos of those beautiful games on the Neo Geo. I even played the ports of other games on those series that launched on my Megadrive/Genesis.

Anyway, here's some more news that may be of interest to some of you:


Valve Updates Revenue Share Tiers, Trying to Keep Big Developers on Steam
Valve revealed to have updated revenue share tiers on Steam beyond certain thresholds. Beyond $10 million made in revenue, the split between the developer and Valve becomes 75%/25% instead of the usual 70%/30%. Beyond $50 million, the split becomes even more convenient for developers, adjusting to 80%/20%.

Clearly, this is an attempt to keep big developers and publishers on Steam as they are instead trying to create their own platforms. For instance, Activision released Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII exclusively on Battle.net.

>>They're scared...


Jon Peddie Research’s Market Watch reports GPU shipments up in Q3’18 from last quarter led by Intel
Jon Peddie Research, the market research firm for the computer graphics industry, has released its quarterly Market Watch report on worldwide GPU shipments used in PCs for Q3'18.

Quick highlights

  • AMD’s overall unit shipments increased 6.51% quarter-to-quarter, Intel’s total shipments increased 13.11% from last quarter, and Nvidia’s increased 4.32%.
  • The attach rate of GPUs (includes integrated and discrete GPUs) to PCs for the quarter was 141% which was up 3.08% from last quarter.
  • Discrete GPUs were in 31.61% of PCs, which is down -3.54% from last quarter.
  • The overall PC market increased 8.22% quarter-to-quarter and increased 0.30% year-to-year.
  • Desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs) that use discrete GPUs decreased -19.21% from last quarter.
  • Q3'18 saw a decrease in tablet shipments from last quarter.

>>The decline from last year is partially because the crpto craze is over or, at least, it's less than it was.


AMD X570 chipset with PCIe 4.0 could launch at Computex
AMD Matisse

According to the slide posted at Gamer.com.tw, AMD is planning to introduce Matisse-based chipset already at Computex. The slides have Gigabyte watermarks.

This X570 chipset would be the first to support PCI Express Gen 4, a technology supported by Zen 2 and 7nm Vega. This is interesting because AMD was not very eager to confirm that consumer parts, such as Ryzen or Radeon RX, would also support PCIe 4.0. If this leak holds true, then it would be very strange if Navi and Ryzen 3000 were not capable of supporting PCIe 4.0 as well.

The slide is clearly a few months ago, as B450 and Athlon 200GE series are still marked in red. That said, it is possible that the launch could be planned for a different event now.

Intel Glacier Falls in 2H 2019

This slide indicates that Glacier Falls will be available in the third quarter of 2019. This means that Skylake Refresh will have rather a short lifespan of three quarters.

The picture also lists B365 and H310C chipsets. Both start to appear on the market with under a new motherboard SKUs.

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Thanks JEMC.

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JEMC said:
Conina said:

More than a RTX 2080 Ti, less than a Titan V

Probably $1799 - $1999

I don't know. The 2080Ti costs more than the 1080Ti it replaces. I don't see why Nvidia wouldn't follow the same path again.

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Still dont have a proper OP eh? :(

We don't need another OP!

Welcome back, by the way, even if you're only visiting.


Yes - just for a few more weeks before I disappear off again to the sunset :P


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BasilZero said:
JEMC said:

Welcome back, by the way, even if you're only visiting.

Yes - just for a few more weeks before I disappear off again to the sunset :P

As long as you ride that chocobo and no one is chasing you, it's all ok.

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The sunset ? just put a sun picture as your background !

Here it comes!

Nvidia releases Titan RTX with 72 RT cores and 24 GB GDDR6 at $2,499
Nvidia today announces the Titan RTX; the new top model in the Turing generation. According to Nvidia this puppy offers 130 teraflops of deep learning computing power and 11 gigaray of raytracing.

The press release mentions 576 tensor cores and 72 raytracing cores, slightly more than the RTX 2080 Ti with it's 544 and 68 values respectively. The video memory has doubled to 24 GB gddr6, for a total bandwidth of 672 GB/sThe unit will be based on the TU102 GPU. Two Titan RTX GPUs can be used together due to the presence of a 100 GB/s NVLink connection. The cards have three displayport connections, a single HDMI port and VirtualLink.


Also, it's December already and Guru3D has started its yearly competition. Today, the prize is a Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16GB Kit (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666: https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/guru3d-2018-december-3-win-a-crucial-16gb-ballistix-ddr4-kit.html

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For those that are interested, the 9th annual Steam/GOG Secret Santa thread is up!


I already joined ^.^

Amyway, let's go with the Monday news:


Steam's Top 10

  1. Artifact
  3. X4: Foundations
  4. Farming Simulator 19
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Beyond the Baltic Sea
  7. Grand Theft Auto V
  8. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Edition
  9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey
  10. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Star Citizen's free fly week ends with $7 million raised, game packs discounted
Star Citizen's free week has come to a close, and clearly enough players enjoyed themselves that they decide to splash some cash on the space sim. The game received around $7 million in backing over the week, bringing its total raised to more than $208 million.
If you enjoyed the free week but still haven't bought it, then you can currently do so at a discount. One of the game's $45 ship packages—the cheapest way to buy an entry ticket—is down to $35. That will get you a copy of the game, the Aurora Marque ship, 72 months of ship insurance and 1,000 UEC in starting money (pocket change, really).

GOG has two new sales:

At Steam, the daily deal is Angels of Death, 50% off: https://store.steampowered.com/app/537110/Angels_of_Death/

At Fanatical, there are two new deals:



The first game using the new Valeroa anti-tamper tech, City Patrol: Police, has already been cracked
A couple of days ago, we informed you about a new anti-tamper tech that surfaced, called Valeroa. The first – and so far only – game that is using Valeroa is City Patrol: Police and in just two days crackers were able to crack the game and the anti-tamper tech.
As Valeroa’s developer claimed, the purpose of this new anti-tamper tech is to protect a game during its first days of release. And… well… it partially did manage to protect City Patrol: Police, though it appears to be not as effective as Denuvo is.


Thief 2 HD Mod V1.0 available for download, adds new textures, effects, graphics options and more
Thief fans, here is something really special for you today. Thief 2: The Metal Age THIEF has turned 20 years old and in order to celebrate the franchise’s 20th Anniversary, modder ‘Bentraxx’ has released version 1.0 of the Thief 2 HD Mod.
This new version of Thief 2 HD Mod adds new grass vegetation, new effects, new textures, implements new graphics settings, adds improved object models, adds new natural HD water mod, fixes a problem with new sky textures and more.
>> Download this mod from ModDB. Be warned, tho, that this mod won't work if you disable the ‘Enable LAA and higher object counts’ option, so leave it on.

Play 24 new fan-made Thief missions to celebrate its 20th birthday
Thief: The Dark Project turned 20 years old this week—if you missed Richard's piece on how it defined the stealth game, then you should really give it a read. To celebrate the occasion, the community over at Through The Looking Glass released 24 new fan-made missions as part of a design contest, and you have until March 1 of next year to vote for your favourite.
The creators all had a year to build their maps using the game's level editor, and could only use stock assets. If you want to get started, it's best to start on this forum post, which has instructions on how to download all the levels and score them for the competition.
>> Check the article to learn more about this levels and TFix, an all-in-one patch needed to run them.

Tale of Two Wastelands is a mod that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLCs into Fallout New Vegas
Two days ago, we informed you about the amazing fan prequel mod for Fallout New Vegas, Fallout New California. And today, we are presenting you another amazing Fallout New Vegas mod that seamlessly merges Fallout 3 and its DLCs into it.
This total conversion project is called Tale of Two Wastelands and allows both games (Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas) to be played in a single playthrough.
Tale of Two Wastelands upgrades Fallout 3’s mechanics to those of Fallout New Vegas without compromising the feel and balance of the original. Some of the newly implemented mechanics that have been introduced to Fallout 3 are companion wheel, companion perks, weapon mods, crafting, recipes, harvestable plants, poisons, NPCs, and environmental details.
>> The mod is available from its own site, but check the article to know which editions of the games support this mod.

New HD Texture Pack for NieR: Automata adds more than 230 high quality textures
Modder ‘GPUnity’ has released a brand new version of his HD Texture Pack for NieR Automata. According to the modder, NieR Automata – Texture Pack V0.73 – Fall 2018 Update adds a remastered version of 2B, as well as over 230 new high quality textures.
In order to showcase some of the newly improved textures, GPUnity has also released some comparison screenshots that you can find below.
>> Get this mod from Nexus Mods, but be wary that you'll need the FAR mod in order to run it.


Fallout 76 patch releases on December 4th, full release notes revealed
Bethesda has just revealed the release notes for the upcoming patch for Fallout 76. This new patch will update your game’s version to and will release on December 4th. According to its release notes, this update will increase the maximum stash storage by 50%, to 600 pounds.

Rocksteady’s new game won’t be revealed at the Video Games Award 2018, is not a Superman game
A lot of rumours arose lately regarding Rocksteady’s upcoming unannounced game. The rumours suggested that it was a Superman game that it would be revealed at the Video Games Award 2018, however that’s not the case.

More Diablo projects, possibly Diablo 4 and Diablo Remake/Remaster, will be revealed in 2019
During Blizzcon 2018, Blizzard disappoint a lot of fans when it announced its Diablo mobile game, Diablo Immortal. (...) Needless to say that Blizzard misread its crowd and the backlash that followed was huge.
Yesterday, Nevalistis, Blizzard’s Community Manager, tried to calm their fans and assured them that Blizzard will announce more Diablo projects in 2019. As such, the highly anticipated Diablo 4 may be announced next year.

New beautiful Resident Evil 2 Remake screenshots surface online, contain spoilers
A lot of new screenshots for Resident Evil 2 Remake have surfaced online. These screenshots showcase some of the game’s environments, as well as its detailed character models for Leon, Claire and Ada. Do note, however, that these screenshots contain some spoilers so make sure not to view them if you want to avoid all possible spoilers.

First Darksiders 3 beta patch available, improves performance & loading, modifies hit indicators & more
Gunfire Games has released the first PC beta patch for Darksiders 3. According to the release notes, this patch introduces multiple improvements to help performance and loading. These performance improvements should also significantly reduce stuttering in high-density areas.

MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries targets a September 2019 release, gets a new “MechCon 2018” trailer
During MechCon 2018, Piranha Games announced that it aims to release MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries in September 2019. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries will be the first standalone single-player MechWarrior title in development for PC in nearly 15 years, so this is a game that a lot of PC gamers are looking forward to.

Cyberpunk 2077 will not be present at the Video Games Award 2018
Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that a lot of gamers are really looking forward to, especially after its gameplay reveal back in August 2018. Unfortunately, though, CD Projekt RED has just confirmed that the game will not be present at this year’s The Video Games Award event.

THQ Nordic has acquired the Carmageddon IP
THQ Nordic today announced that the acquisition of the intellectual property Carmageddon has been finalized with Stainless Games, based in Newport, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.
>> And the list goes on...

New Battlefield 5 patch promises to offer almost 100% performance boost for real-time ray tracing
DICE has been working with NVIDIA in order to improve performance of the real-time ray tracing RTX effects in Battlefield 5 and have revealed some really impressive figures. According to the teams, the upcoming Battlefield 5 patch will offer – in some scenes – an almost 100% performance boost.
>> Now you'll be able to play at 1080p@60fps with your 2080Ti.

Free update adds competitive large-scale multiplayer mode to Arma 3
Bohemia Interactive today released a free update for Arma 3, which introduces a new competitive multiplayer mode called Warlords. The team has also released a trailer and some screenshots for this newly introduced multiplayer mode that you can find below.

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Monday news, part two:

Mage's Initiation is an adventure-RPG inspired by Quest for Glory
I first wrote about Mage’s Initiation for a preview five long years ago, and now the adventure-RPG hybrid finally has a release date. It’s taken the team around ten years to make and will be released into the wilds on January 30.

Godhood lets you build your own religion, complete with human sacrifice
Abbey Games quietly makes very clever, playful strategy outings, like unconventional god sim Reus and tactical exploration game Renowned Explorers, and now it's back on religion, showing off the first footage of Godhood. It puts you in the divine shoes of a newborn deity who has to nurture their tribe of believers while taking on other gods.

Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe is selling his archive, including Sierra source code
Al Lowe worked on a number of games during Sierra's glory days, but it was Leisure Suit Larry that made him a legend. The thoroughly skeevy (yet somehow likable) polyester aficionado is probably Sierra's most enduring character, and in fact a new Larry game, Wet Dreams Don't Dry, was released just this month. (And defying all expectations, it's actually pretty good.)
"I'm 72 and none of my kids want this junk," Lowe said. He's currently got just four items listed on eBay, but there's apparently going to be a lot more coming, and not for cheap. The source code for the original Leisure Suit Larry is currently sitting at $1525, while the LSL2 source is at $2100; if that's out of your reach, there's a Sierra Christmas Card for $158 (you can see a video of those in action on YouTube) or the cheapest one of the lot, a Softporn Adventure floppy that's $128.

CCP puts Project Nova alpha test on hold 'until further notice'
Steven didn't mince words about CCP's in-the-works FPS Project Nova, calling it "boring and unambitious" after he got some hands-on time with it last month. The message was apparently received, as CCP announced today that plans for a closed alpha (which was supposed to begin this month) have been put on hold.

EA wants Battlefield 5 players to stop dying so quickly
Battlefield 5's Time to Kill [TTK] and Time to Die [TTD] are "the hottest topic(s) being discussed" by players right now, Electronic Arts said in a recent Reddit post looking at the upcoming Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture, acknowledging that some players are growing frustrated because they're dying too often and too quickly. Unfortunately for those players, the update won't make any direct changes to either, but EA said it's planning to begin experimenting with it soon.

They Are Billions gets level editor, and you can already play 120 custom creations
The developer of zombie plague RTS They Are Billions has released an official level editor that will let you build your own survival scenarios—and play through other custom creations via the Steam Workshop.

Stardew Valley going it alone after creator splits with publisher
Stardew Valley's creator Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, will begin self-publishing the game later this month following a partial split with publishing partner Chucklefish.
It's an amicable divorce: Barone said on his developer blog that he needed Chucklefish when he released the game because he was an industry novice, but now he feels like he's ready to go it alone. "I think self-publishing is the end-goal of most indie developers, and I’m happy to be in a place where that’s possible," he said, adding that we can expect more announcements about the future of the game "soon".

Overkill's The Walking Dead gets a half-price Starter Edition following poor sales
Overkill's The Walking Dead was a bit of a mess—and that has translated into "lower than expected sales", publisher Starbreeze said last week. Following a review of the game's pricing, Starbreeze and developer Overkill has decided to release a Starter Edition of the game that's 50% cheaper than normal and gives you access to everything in season 1, which is essentially all the content it had at launch.

Stellaris: Megacorp expansion will add roaming traders and galactic slave market
Paradox has released a video detailing everything that Stellaris players can expect from next week's Megacorp expansion, including a new world type and a set of "interstellar door-to-door" salesmen called Caravaneers.

Starbreeze files for reconstruction to avoid bankruptcy
Publisher and developer Starbreeze announced today that it has filed for reconstruction due to a shortage of cash. CEO Bo Andersson has also resigned. This comes not long after Starbreeze told investors that low sales revenue from Overkill’s The Walking Dead meant that it would have to cut costs, but the forecasted revenue has been reduced further and a shortfall was predicted for next month.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond's Chapter 4 update introduces squadrons next week
Elite Dangerous: Beyond’s final chapter launches this month, bringing with it some nifty additions to mining and exploration and, perhaps even more importantly, formal in-game groups, known as squadrons. You’ll be able to team up with big groups of your space mates when Chapter 4 launches on December 11. In the meantime, catch the trailer above.

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