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Nintendo scheduled to report Financial Year 2015 end earnings next week on May 7th.

Current P/E is 92.3 which is surprisingly high, possibly too high.
1 yr target estimate is 12.70, which is way below current price of 21.18

The current price was boosted by the announcement of moving to mobile. The stock doubled on this news but this quarter will not have profits from those ventures incorporated. Instead, they will be including the costs of new development. I don't expect the price here to hold. NTDOY is currently rated as a hold by the majority with one buy and one sell.

I'm expecting a drop in the stock, even on good results...but should recoup the following quarter.

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monday, may 13th.
stocks exhanges are now open.


Some stocks to watch upcoming.

AMD: Sitting at 4.08 with 90million shares in short interest and dropping. Over 50% gain in last 2 weeks on rumors of buyout and videogame monolpoly speculation. Expect an increase around the nextbox announcement.

DRAM: Went from 2$ to 4.55$ in a week on news of margin gains and new partnership with AMD. They make ram chips. Are currently way undervalued and under industry average. Currently in production of gamer ram for new AMD line. Rumored to be working with AMD on the new consoles. Expect an increase around the nextbox announcement.

Skul: Undervalued and have been increasing steadily in the past month, expanding into livingroom. Incoming dip before continued performance.

ATVI: Dropped a whole dollar after the last report by which they predicted less earnings for the current fiscal year. However, this company tends to underpredict earnings, and with great sales of Heart of the Swarm, and a new WoW expansion due this fall, as well as potentially massive sales for the new CoD on 4 consoles, this could very well beat market expectations. I would call this a 17$ stock on sale for 14.72.

NoK: Nokia has been performing well over the past couple weeks growing by about 4% per day with good volume.

NTDOY: Has been stagnant for the past month following a rise and a dip. That may change come e3.

SNE: Sony is currently at 18.52. That is currently a good price for it. Up 4% today. There could be a drop depending on the nextbox annoucnement and the following speculation.

MSFT: Microsoft has been performing well, but at 32.85, it's a more expensive stock by comparison. If you're in for the long haul, this could be a good investment. It's very likely the nextbox and ps4 will both perform very well, and help boost their stock prices.

EA and UBI have been doing well, but are up and down. An EA executive just sold his entire share in the company last week on a boost to 22, which could indicate underperformance in the coming months. It is down 1% today. Look for exclusivity agreement in the enxtbox announcement.

Excellent. I look forward to the discussion here.

I feel like HappyD is sitting on my lap right this second. talking with me. Like we are old frends that never stop talking. Thanks for this Prof.

I need some new risky stock to purchase. I did Nintendo last time and it bit me in the butt.

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spurgeonryan said:
I feel like HappyD is sitting on my lap right this second. talking with me. Like we are old frends that never stop talking. Thanks for this Prof.

I need some new risky stock to purchase. I did Nintendo last time and it bit me in the butt.

Not game related but if you have a margin account, pphm should do well today. It's a 1.50$ that is expected to hit 2$.

Right now in games industry and surrounding industry, I'd say AMD, Skullcandy, and activision are your three best bets for the upcoming year.

I held nintendo too, and sold as soon as it hit a 40 cent increase on one day. It hasn't recovered since then, and they keep downplaying their performance. They're holding back announcements for competitive edge at the cost of investor confidence.

I will buy nintendo back when I see good wiiU fit numbers and a price drop.

Sony Hold
Apple Buy
Ninty Sell
Nokia Hold

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