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Am I the only one who thinks EA is only supporting LGBT to try and get some good publicity? I mean how long have they really been vocal about these issues? I've heard about it recently and that was after they "won" this last year.

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JoeTheBro said:
CChaos said:
I do, however, enjoy his idea of which comments 'don't hold water'. Especially since he more or less references that people who are a part of the voting are either miscreants who are pissed about who was on the front of the Madden box or don't believe a word they say about how 'always on' doesn't mean 'DRM' or that people voting against EA potentially hate gays and lesbians ("In the past year, we have received thousands of emails and postcards protesting against EA for allowing players to create LGBT characters in our games. This week, we’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America.")

I really disagree with that. He's trying to make the voters look bad and EA look good. This may work to shareholders but does he realize the voters are his consumers?

Honestly? I don't think he has a clue, but I think EA as a whole kind of suffers from that problem. I'll explain. 

I honestly don't think it was intended to outright imply that if you're voting for EA, you're either a troublemaker or a bigot, but if you read through his original statement? That's exactly what it sounds like. But when hasn't EA seemed to do its best to piss its customer base off? Again, pretty sure they're not doing that intentionally, but they ARE releasing games before they're properly finished, continuing their godawful customer service methods and a number of other things that are making them hemorrage customer loyalty.

SimCity doesn't work right and people complain about what is very obviously a form of DRM? You tell the customers they're wrong for not believing what you say, even going to the point of threatening to ban users who demand their money back and who figure they can just stop the payment.

Mass Effect 3 has an ending that a lot of people don't like? You tell the customers they're wrong for not liking it, then release a new ending that was...well, kinda halfassed, really.

Quality of products start going down because of what has been referenced before as corporate meddling? Ignore that and hope it goes away.

And in this case, EA gets a second year of negative publicity of their own making. Their decision is to disparage people who dare to vote for EA as a lousy company and 'apologize' at the same time.

Massive corporations like EA seem to always have one thing in their brains: there are always more customers. If they manage to chase away a whole bunch of fans, don't worry, because there will always be those that come back despite the terrible service or games that aren't QUITE finished/tested when released. I imagine this is the reason why people actually believed the internet when, after Dead Space 3's bad sales, it was rumored that EA was killing the franchise. People believed that because they are just that badly looked upon. Dragon Age 2 was waaay less impressive than Dragon Age 1. Oh, right, Bioware is owned by EA now and rumors actually DID surface that EA was pushing them to release it faster. There are a lot of instances like this that come up when you mention EA and, every time, they just brush it off like it's nothing.

The only way they're going to realize that ignoring and even berating their customers is bad is when it cuts into their bottom line.


lol Im sure this is not from peter moore but fair enough response