Will the Wii beat the PSX/psone/ps1 in sales

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Will the Wii beat the PS1

Yes 56 40.29%
No 64 46.04%
Call me maybe! 19 13.67%

Somebody broke the thread.

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Lol, what happened to page 2 of his thread? How does a thread get broken? Is it because of a specific user or just a glitch in the site?

Anyway, its going to be extremely close, but I think the Wii will crawl its way to 1M-2M above the PS1.

Going by vgc probably not, but shipped Wii should tie it atleast.

Wii will most likely be discontinued this year so slim chance.


It's obvious they're setting up the WiiMini as Wii's version of the PlayStation remodel (PSOne), which means it'll be alive for at least three to five more years. It needs exactly 3.5m sales (to 102.49, which are the real numbers for PS1), which it could even do this year.

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It'll be close (much closer than it should have been sadly, Nintendo had to go and botch the last couple years), but ultimately I think it will. Only needs a few more million. Nintendo could probably drop the price to $100 or even $50 at this point and milk some more sales out of it, and considering how cheap the hardware is they'd probably still profit from it.

No, no, and no.

Yes, assuming the WiiMini is pushed in emerging markets. My understanding is that is Nintendo's intention. So a few million in existing markets and a few milliion in new markets should be easy enough before they shut it down.

I don't see Wii selling another 5 million.

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