80GB PS3 to be Discontinued, due to "low sales".

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 Apparently most of the ps3's sales in america are coming from the 40gb ps3 according to this article. what does this say about bc in america?

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Read it and they should do this. And only have the 40GB on the market.

I heard they were just unbundling motorstorm.

But if they do, I will not mind at all.

They should discontinue it for a bit, then drop the price of the 40GB by $100.

Then you could really take advantage of having all PS3's at $299.

i agree, cann the 80gb and reduce the 40gb price by $100. i think sales will spike over 360 sales if it happened.

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I dont usually follow sony news, but which models left in north america now have BC??




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We have 80GB and 40GB

80GB has B/C

There is also a few 60GB still kicking around, very rare though.

DOATS1 said:

what does this say about bc in america?

I think it has more to do with price point than backwards compatibility. I would really like to known the percentage of people that buy the 40GB PS3 not knowing it can't play PS2 games.

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Bad move by sony, I say un-bundle motorstorm release 80gb alone and drop the price by $100 for both.

edit: I need to add my opinion to this, I think its both a stupid and smart move from sony, if true. I say stupid because most gamers will not buy a ps3 knowing it does not play ps2 games. On the other hand, this will increase ps2 sales for those that never had a ps2 to begin with.


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it worked in europe, so it can waork in america too.