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At my local EBs (Chadstone & Camberwell) Wii has been gaining shelf space. PSP is the one losing out, its pretty much moved to a hidden corner near the back of the store. The DS is also sort of overflowing.

360 + PS3 have about the same shelf space (although 360 seems to have more "stuff", and the PS3 is more "space"). Huge part of the store is till PS2 / used titles.

Some PS2 games now down to $10. 360 games now joining the "quick sell" pile (some for $20, etc.). Games from a year ago, etc.

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At my local EB/gamestop, for some reason, they just recently moved the wii games from the front to the back. DS games took the space that it occupied in the front but the other side of the front area is filled with PSP and PS3 games. 360 is all the way in the back and PC has lost their space to a single rack stand in the middle of the store, not even a wall now.

noticed at the Melbourne Central EB there was a big remodelling done. The main winner was the Wii, which has doubled its shelf space. Nintendo now takes up a rather large portion of the store.

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The Best Buy I went to has one of the most pathetic Wii section I have ever seem that had 2 sections(The 360 has 4) and it is completely overflowing with Wii games. I looks terrible, I almost said something the Manager. EB games had the Wii in the front on the right(PSP had front left) and DS was next to Wii on the right.

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

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My local BB on Friday night:

0 Wiis
3 40GB ps3s
3 Xbox360 Arcades
15 or so NDSs (1 white, 3 pink, ten or so black)
piles of PS2s (didn't bother to count)

Surprised at the DS. It's supposed to be out of stock.

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I went another CC, just got a shipment of DSes in... had about 25 or so.

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

360- 37 million   Should trend down slightly after 3rd year peak

PS3- 29 million  Sales should pick up next year, 3rd year peak and price cut

Here in Mexico I went to my local store, GamePlanet, and at the entrance there's a shelf with the latest Wii games they have...(This time I saw Nights, Mario & Sonic, Zack & Wiki, last week Mario & Sonic was sold out)
There was no Wii, Like 6 XBOX360 and 4 PS3 (on shelf)
DS and PSP are not in shelfs, so I can't tell you how many they had, but a lady asked fos a PSP and the guy said it was sold out...
And one worker was playing Wii sports.... last week they were playing Guitar Hero....

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Went to Game mania today. (Belgium)
They ran out of Wiis , DS' and Xbox 360 (they didn't recieve one shipment for 2 weeks).
* 3 PS3 40 GB
* 2 PSP => 1 was sold when I left
* 5 PS2 => 1 was sold when I left


my best buy has around 20 360s, 50+ Ps3's (HUGE PILES), 0 Wiis, 0 DS's, 10 PSP's

Situation in France:

Although I've not yet seen a Playstation3 (out of gamestores), according to charts, it outsells the XB360 by 5~6!

It remains amazing when we remember the launch of PS3 in Paris, the worst launch in the history of videogame, one year ago : less than 30 people were there to buy their console, whereas, there were more than 2K for the XBox360 and Wii launchs some months before.

However, France seems to be a conservative country about video games, weekly charts of Gfk for our market show better sales for "historic" franchise like Mario, Pokémon, PES, GTA, NFS, Fifa and "casual" franchise (Kawashima, Cooking Mama, and there were more than 1 Nintendogs for 2 NDS here)... Unlike UK where every movie franchises hit scores.

And the France counts likely the most Nintendo-addict in Europe : officially, 600K before the Wii&DS Generation and it is a one of the rare countries where the NGC outsold the N64 (1.5m against 1.1m).

So, "XBox" is a too young mark, next to Nintendo and Playstation.

The situation in stores :
PS3 and PS2 are widely available (more than 20 units per stores),

NDS, PSP and Xbox 360 are less available (~5 units, and bundles, often with Forza M.2 and Viva Pinata, for the Microsoft console)

Wii is often unvailbale since its launch, in december 2006.

During Xmas, Wii and NDS were unvailable everywhere during two months.
For sotwares, only Guitar Hero 3 (Wii & Xbox 360 versions) seemed unvailable. (two years ago, Nintendogs were unvailable during 4 months, the price of useds hit 80€ (~80$), twice the price of new unit).

So, despite its best line up and its price, the XBox360 may continue to be the less sold... Notably if Microsoft don't communicate more on its console, in order to lead the name "Xbox" in gamer's -and costumer's- head.

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