Super Mario 3D Land vs Super Mario 64 Who will win?

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Super Mario 64 ended  his lifetime with 11.89m copies sold and Super Mario 3D Land is at 7.64m in just one year and nearly two months.

Will Super Mario 64 stay as the best selling 3D Mario game or will Super Mario 3D Land surpass it?


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The 3DS will be around for a while so I think SM3DL will surpass SM64.

Ongoing bet with think-man: He wins if MH4 releases in any shape or form on PSV in 2013, I win if it doesn't.

Super Mario 3D Land will easily take the crown eventually. Just look at how it compares to Super Mario 64 DS, which now has sold over 10 million copies.

SM3DL will easily take it! I'm starting to expect it'll do like 15m in the end...

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Super Mario 3D Land has a good shot at winning

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Well I see. Most people choose Super Mario 3D Land. That was to be expected.

I think 3Dland can outsell 64
4m in 4 years easily

If the momentum stays, 3D Land should easily top 64. 3D Land will probably be one of the 3DS's highest sellers, so I expect maybe 15-20m or more, depending on how much the 3DS itself sells.

Guaranteed if you ask me.

It is early in system life. It should win.

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