Monarchy, are they really born to rule and why we need them?

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Think about the silly norwegians that chose to remain a monarchy in 1905. The guy who became king was the brother of the danish king

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Dr.Grass said:
I'm a big supporter of monarchy.


No, they should all gtfo.

melbye said:
Think about the silly norwegians that chose to remain a monarchy in 1905. The guy who became king was the brother of the danish king

What's the problem?  They are all Vikings.

As far as Britain and the commonwealth goes, the real value of the monarchy is in cultural terms. They're a reasonably important aspect in terms of culture and traditions. Also the pomp and pageantry of the entire things is occasionally entertaining and also occasionally an excuse for some rather fun celebrations.

Of course they shouldn't have any real power though, dictatorships don't work long term in the modern world and democracies are remarkably stable.

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Gary Johnson was born to rule, he should be King of America.

But in all seriousness, no, kings are not born to rule. But really I don't mind a monarchy...so long as a tyrannous king would be beheaded and replaced with a better one.

Are they born to rule? No......I have a hard time imagining how heritage would produce good leaders.

the2real4mafol said:
Pyro as Bill said:
SxyxS said:
The weak always cry for monarchs and dictators when its getting hard.But what do you expect?
That a bunch of germans hiding behind the artificial name Windsor(original Sachsen Coburg Gotha/Witten
mountbatten=origin battenberg)do really care about people in gb ?lol
though they are billionaires they are so shameless to take millions from british people every year.
yes you will get the iron fist, because it is the same old democide trick they are using for centuries.the "order out of chaos" game.

edward 8 abdiction because he fell in love with an ordinary woman?lolol.
nice fairytale.He was a real big nazi and fan of hitler.=no abdiction.he was forced to quit his "job".

They're not German and even if they were you shouldn't be racist.

Billionairre? She's a trillionairre. She still gets up at 6am everyday to read and sign all that parliament crap that 4 of the most successful countries ever send her.

No doubt you're a kermit or some other peon l'euro.

The royal family has been German since George I became king in 1714. He was a Hanover. and that remained until Queen Victoria, but even then afterwards, our monarchs have German blood in them. The only thing that changed was the monarch families name.

However, your aware that after Victoria a lot of the British monarchs married British wives like George the V and George VI. Also, Prince Philip is Greek so there is actually different blood just beyond German and English.


A lot of the remaining monarchs in the world have no political power, they are still technically head of state, but in reality the prime ministers exercise the power. There are some like in Saudi Africa or Jordan who do have real power still.


Pyro as Bill said:

the world economy collapses we (Can/Aus/NZ/UK) get to use our built in dictator to take care of the mess with the necessary iron fist.

What will the rest of the world do?

For starters... The Australian economy was fine during the financial crisis and is doing fine right now, in-fact it was one of the very tiny tiny few developed nations to have growth during the entire ordeal.

As for the Monarchs power over Australia? It's pretty much non-existent.
The Australian Governer General who is the Queens representative has more power in Australia than what the actuall Queen does, her role these days is mostly ceremonial and of historical importance.
Heck since World War 2 Australia's ties to the British and the Queen have been reducing as the country starts to align itself with other powers like the united states and has a growing sphere of influence over Asia.

In the future I see us becoming a republic one day, Britain is half a world away afterall.