What if X360 came out in 2006 and PS3 2008?

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sergiodaly said:
zorg1000 said:
sergiodaly said:

read the  Launch part... see the attach rate of the games for 2 month of sales... think to myself... this ain't serious... leave.

The Zelda attach rate was that high in real life, you're probably right about Gears tho

OP said:
by the end of the year, Wii had sold 1.1 million units with Zelda selling 850,000

that is 77 games per 100 consoles...

wii sold 2954K and 1800K zeldas
that is 60 games per 100 consoles...

Not the same... 60 are HIGH... very HIGH... the attach rates in the OP are almost impossible...

sorry i forgot to specify in the op that these r just NA numbers, Wii sold 1075K to 864K for Zelda

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zorg1000 said:
Do u guys think 3rd parties would stick with PS2/Wii since they were cheaper to male games for and had a bigger userbase or would they dive into HD right away?

You are forgetting the prevalence of HDTV's was considerably smaller until the DTV switch was forced on us (USA), I think HD development would have been a smaller factor, it may have also meant Blu-Ray loosing to HD-DVD hurting sony a great deal.

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