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All ids have cs 1.6, of course. And none have that new-fangled Orange Box.



I've got a new steam ID: SleepWaker

Steam ID: linlhutz


Same as PSN.

Same as Live.

Same as wii...oh no, wait - that's some obnoxiously long string of numbers that no one can ever remember :)

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Add NightShadow7 if you feel like playing some sweet TF2 matches.

I usually go by the tag "epy" right now.

Gamertag for Xbox Live is boxcarboogie if anyone reading wants to play some Street Fighter IV or Gears of War 2, though I'm not great at either.

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Aww, Kirby is banned again.


btw someone (I guess it must be the owners) please invite me to the community

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I've got the valve pack


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