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this happened to my what's
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First of, congrats on your first post. Sadly this thread will soon turn into a battleground.

Don't worry, many developers died when the PS1/N64/Saturn era forced 3D gaming. Of course many new developers appeared to take their place. The phrase is called "evolve or die."

For point A: The "hardcore" market is not shrinking, the "casual" market is expanding thanks to the Wii. There are many people who never played video games but are now using the Wiimote. Elderly folks in retirement homes playing Wii Bowling, old gamers who were about to quit games altogether (*points at self*), Japan (see Y-koron's editorials and market analyses) are three big examples.

For point B: No third party developer believed the Wii would sell. Remember? Before E3 2006 every market analyst predicted a tight battle between the X360 and PS3, with the Wii in a distant third. Everyone but Ubisoft ignored the Wii. EA in particular was ready to ignore Nintendo consoles altogether until they saw how well the Wii sold at launch. So no developer had games ready for the Wii. Except Nintendo (and Ubisoft to a 2nd place extent.)

So only two developers were prepared for the Wii. Obviously they will make a profit. The other developers have to adapt or they will continue to miss the boat.

Anyhoo, I'm sure this post is buried in the middle of the thread and will be ignored. So I just want to say WELCOME TO VGCHARTZ!

There is no such thing as a console war. This is the first step to game design.

the main flaw with that argument is that 3rd parties can't sell on the wii, and thusly have to lose money with the HD development. They reason they can't compete with Nintendo on the wii is that they don't try to. Good 3rd party games sell well on the wii, crap shovelware does not. If 3rd parties were putting as much effort into the wii as they are into the 360 and PS3 they would be doing much better.

If anything this shows how much the HD consoles are killing the industry because it's simply not profitable. By trying to make a huge leap in console technology rather than a gradual one, the price of both the consoles and game development shot up. Meaning fewer consoles in consumer's homes, and more money needed to put games on the shelves. If Sony and Microsoft had made more moderately powered systems that could be purchased at launch for 200-300 dollar as in times past instead of 300-600 dollars, then maybe the industry wouldn't be hemorrhaging money right now. Then in the next generation have HD consoles with bells and whistles, and by then it wouldn't be so ridiculously expensive to develop for them, or purchase them and the industry could grow at it's normal pace.

But instead Sony and Microsoft had to try to beat each other to the punch in making a home media hub for the living room (and blu-ray, downloadable movie and TV services and any other product they've got money in), and thusly driving the cost of everything up without actually making gains in the industry. Nintendo's conservative progression combined with market expansion is what's keeping the industry alive, rather than what's killing it. Everyone else is shooting themselves in the foot while putting their necks in a noose by ignoring Nintendo.

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i dont know where do you get your numbers to state that every company in the gaming world is lossing money.

atari and eidos didn´t make any good games this year and that´s why they are lossing money, and in the case of atari his problems go way back before the wii was relased.

in the case of take 2, we all know the problems they had in 2007, with the ban of manhunt 2 and the delay of gta4.

besides in your list you put capcom, when in the last report they say their profitt where up tanks, in some degree, to the good sales of RE4-WE.

and you say that the wii has caused a serious decline in the average quality of games, when 2007 is probably the best year ever in quality of videogames.

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