How much did Microsoft and Sony lose on PS3 and Xbox 360?

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Both consoles have been out for some time now and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the following:

-How much did Microsoft lose with the Xbox and Xbox 360

-How much did Sony lose with the launch of the PlayStation 3

-How long has the Xbox 360 been profitable?

-How long has the PS3 been profitabale, if at all?

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Nobody can answer that specificially but MS and Sony, as they have other things in their respective divisions.

However since the 360 debuted, the EDD division has made a loss of $500-$700 mill overall. They've made $1.3Bill in the last 12 months, so in the next 6/9 months they should erase that $700 mill and the Division will be in profit since the 360 Arrived. (X360 is in Entertainment and Devices Divsion, which is Windows Mobile, Gaming)

For Sony, the division includes Vaios and such, but they've just this Q lumped everything in one division, TV's, Vaios, Playstation, PC ect, so from here on out it's gonna be virtually impossible to figure out how the PS section is doing, yeah thanks Sony! Anyway Since PS3 debuted the division as it was has lost about $4.9B, this is with PS2 and PSP supposivly making profits (well you'd assume) So PS3 losses could be higher, unless something else in the division has made a heavy loss. I guess PS3 losses can be anywhere from $4 - $7 billion


Only sony and ms hold the answers.


True. We do know that the Xbox 360 was profiting about 2 years ago. They were out of the red for the XBox division in the 2nd quarter of last year if I remember correctly. Sony's PS3 was profiting about 6 months after the PS3 Slim was released. So their PS3 Slim, PS2 and PSP are all making profits now, but overall they are still in the red due to the costs and development of the PS3. Not sure when they will be out of the red. They had been losing money early last year, but have made some kind of profit that last 3 quarters I believe.


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Did MS even loose?

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Microsoft list with the Xbox and 360 mainly because they only appealed to one demographic. That is changing now, but back then, they only appealed to the shooter demographic. Then comes the 360's hardware problems, and paid online, which are the reasons I don't have one. Not that many people want to pay $60 to be able to play online. The hardware problems should speak for itself.

Sony lost out with the PS3 because of the $599 US DOLLARS price tag. If the PS3 launched at an affordable price, this generation would have turned out different. There also weren't many good 1st party titles for the launch window.

Plus for a while there Sony was doing the Universal thing and putting out so so movies that either barely made they're money back or did not. I think someone said there Tv's were not selling as well anymore as well.

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