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This thread is simple. just continue the story that the poster above you wrote, and in exactly three words. 

I'll start it off, 

There once was.....



*Story Recaps*

Story 1

There once was a red unicorn with no friends, and no horn, and Soleron's axe. It became violent, and then it met the devil, killed some frogs, and the devil. Then God came. The unicorn asked "Y no friends?". Then God vanished. The unicorn thought "How to go, save the princess, then fuck her from the back, and the front with a gun", and sucided violently with the girl cheetos army lamp was so dumb, on sale now. He awoke with morning wood, and went to the nearest store to pimp itself in molten lard, and stole some super Viagra pills, so that he could give them to his father who then fucked everyone in sight except for one turbo slut named Partricia ashely rowlands who has three hairy nipples that lactate orange juice, and cause cancer, and burns through the rear window, and the skin wondering how big his father's penis tasted great salt water taffy. Suddenly, she went to a volcano where she instantly started to smell like fresh magma, or was it poo? High quality poo made out of beans and eggs? It smelled like the testicles of a transvetite hooker running a marathon. She started crying because she is pretty to avenge its horneyness. She died then she had sex with bacon and eggs, nah just kidding, no i'm seious,oops, fooled again, no its true. The unicorn realised he lost the plot, and decided to switch stories.

Story 2

Once upon a time there was a sweet kid with three bannanas, whoo decided to sucide shoving bannanas down his throat so deep that the bannanas exploeded with massive damage! However one bannana came out of his Giant Enemy Crab's mom's ass, and after that,  green dwarfs came. He pierced his heart with a...

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a red unicorn

with no friends

and no horn

and my axe

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it became violent

and then it

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

met the devil


,killed some frogs,

and the devil