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Played some War INc BattleGround the free to play 3rd person shooter title on steam. And my first thing would be to wait, the game is far from finished but its free, lots of updates and maps need to follow. There are only 2 maps but there is alot of customisation if you are willing to spend lots of money on them. We are talking about expensive customisation. Most is rental tho you can get permanent stuff but its expensive. I was looking at a camera drone and to use it for ever would cost you 20 dollars. Yep the price of a whole game full of content for a camera drone. Wait until they add more maps and lay it easy on the pricing as its pretty steep at the moment. 

I dont think they grasped the notion of free to play model with microtactions because the item is mirco but not the price. It should be 25-50 cents for permanent gun unlock not 10-20 dollars. Also the game looks ugly tho they claim to be using a top engine for high graphics but no they aren't impressive. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong