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Registers in Steam, for all you steam users :D

Btw if you spend $5.00 you and I will get additional $5 dollars in credit to the website :O (The link I have is a referral link, you don't have to use me but hey :D)

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It's a really fun game - easily worth 5 dollars I bought it for £9 (with DLC) and thought it was a great deal.

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Only spent 5 dollars on Magicka + Marshlands Dlc, and a friend did the same, and we got the 5 dollar credit and picked up Vietnam DLC for free. So for 5 dollars it was a good deal

I just bought the game the other week for $10. I've been playing the story campaign with a friend and, so far, I'm enjoying it! And with the latest update, I'm totally rocking a pink robe. :p

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