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Firstly I don't want this thread to get mired in politics. This is not about a crow bar being dropped on the floor. Where a couple groups want to go skull bashing, and the other group wants to hide it where nobody can find the damn thing. I placed this thread in the gaming forum for a reason. This is not flame bait, I know some are sensitive about these things. So I took it into the other room. It isn't my fault if you decided to follow. Your better off going back from whence you came to be honest. Please no console warrior bullshit. Don't derail this thread.

Look I am not bringing this up, because I am pro hacker, or anti Sony. Right now the word is starting to spread, and it has all the hallmarks of entering into popular language. The internet loves new words especially if they are derogatory, humorous, and oxymoronic. Sownage most definitely fits the bill for that. Oh yeah it is really mean spirited. No doubt about that the word is all punch in the face. A big company that often comes off as being arrogant being humbled is the definition of laughing at someone elses misery. A term that used to engender great accomplishment turning into a term that means epic failure. Yeah that is a word that at least I think seems to be the definition of a Oxymoron.

So what I am thinking is this word is probably going to grow in useage, and then it will eventually spill on to this website. Before anyone objects that isn't going to happen can we please just be honest. This has happened dozens of times in these forums. A console negative word pops up somewhere, and it is fairly fast in finding its way onto these forums. Once some on these forums get their hands on a word you cannot seemingly pry it from their grasp. They insist on using the derogatory term. I probably should cite just a few before anyone denies it. The red ring of death, teh Cell, Wiitards, and Xbots. No they get here, and set about making a permanent camp.

Anyway seeing as the word isn't really here yet, and looks to be working on a slow boil. I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought about this before the word arrived. Will you resist the word, accept the word, or adopt the word. Do you think there should be rules against using the word, or will you view the use of the word as being troll bait. Anyway what are everyones thoughts about this word.

For those that want to be more informed here is something that is well written, fairly neutral, and really accurate. I found it really useful. I think some of you will find it useful as well for future debate. Just plain good reference material.