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8/10 Nice riffs. Do like my metal. 

Clutch - Electric Worry

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too soft for my taste

yeah too soft =


4/10 I really, really don't like that sort of music lately >

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

7/10. I don't listed to this kind of music by myself, but on concerts it's a lot of fun (expecially if I'm drunk :D). It reminds me a bit of Brujeria and early Kataklysm.

Anyway, NotStan has not posted a new song, so I'm going for one of my faves this last months, a brilliant performance.

edit: embedd doesn't work


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6/10, it's unique. Not something I'd usually listen to, but I am slightly drunk, so it set the mood right xD


Literally one of the oldest songs I've listened to, wasn't really a music fan up until the moment I've heard this!

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

Sorry to bump in. Embed does work. Either copy the video url and out it into the video button, or just copy and paste old embed code to html directly.

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6/10 It's not the kind of music I like, mostly because I'm more accostumed to listen th insrumental part of music, anyway it wasn't bad. It kind of a fun tune and it's catchy

Since we are at it, this is one of the first albums I've bought. My taste has changed a lot during time (now I'm more into the weird stuff above :D), while many bands I used to listen sound like crap to me now, I still find this album enjoyable.


8/10! Nice, love Offspring!


Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

7/10 It's nice. A progression, it's quite good. It lacks of  bit of dynamism imo, but it's enjoyable.

Now someone is going to hate me for posting such a long song.