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Well this picture was taken from the official Nintendo site showing some of the goods for the eShop:

From left to right: Asphalt, LInk's Awakening, Super Maro Land, DSiware Netflix, Mario Vs Donkey, tetris Party and Cave Story. Also New Zelda 3D trailer


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That trailer was AMAZEBALLS. I'm going to be at gamestop the second it opens to buy it.

I wonder what zelda will control like on 3ds

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Time for hype

Finally a good and epic trailer for such a great game...i´ve already played it to deaht but damn it, it never gets old ( just played it recently to 100% for the 0918754536789029387 time) and i´m more than willing to give nintendo my money and play it again on the 3DS.

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awesome trailer!

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alfredofroylan said:

Awesome picture! :D

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OMG that trailer was amazing!  *_*



Yay for getting 3 Zelda games this year.

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alfredofroylan said:

best. picture. evar.

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that was awesome, both the trailer and the picture

So eShop is 3DS's VC? Love it! - I hope they don't take too long releasing the great games!

Awesome trailer too

Pic is EPIC