Will Socom sales rise with death of Osama?

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Lol at the Farfetched Pokemon pic.

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SOCOM 4 beats Wii Sports lifetime. I'm callin it now.

well unfortunately this game has nothing to do with US Navy SEALs, nor anything about American execptionalism.

this game wnet the route of GI Joe. its some multi national globalist type thing afraid of being pro America.

now the same thing happened to Superman, the stupid writers, made him get ride of his US citizenship, and now he is a "citizen of the world". BULLCRAP.

people need to start being pro-America, not be retardly politically correct.

Spire_VII said:
Euphoria14 said:

Probably far fetched but it was the Navy Seals who took him out.

Ironically, there's no Navy Seals in the game. It's a team of NATO soldiers led by a NATO Commander

I dont really mind who i play as. Its a really good game and the sound of a headshot is soooo rewarding but it is a bit stupid to call a game "navy seals" when there are none in it. :D

Wait... does this mean im not human?

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Yes, I'm sure it's flying off store shelves now... >_>

I heard the servers had so much traffic they stopped working :-p

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if they make Socom game where the u kill osame that would sell

nope. doesnt help the gameplay.


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You never know.  I noticed the seal team 6 page on Wiki went from ~1k views per day to over 200k the past couple days.  But it probably wouldn't be substantial.

when 9/11 happened, CS got packed ^^.... probably cause most people had the day off but still ^^


They should release an Osama hunt DLC