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Nintendo just announced that 1.71 million Nintendogs games have been sold.

Capcom has announced 2 weeks ago that its SF43DS has been sold for 1 million.

What the heck with the other games? When I saw software totals, i can't believe that other numbers too, it's almost like only one game has been sold for 1 3ds.

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Most of those games really aren't worth $40. Very few mobile games are.

My guess is the assumption made was that owners of a brand new $250 handheld gaming device that essentially does nothing else (don't get me wrong; I've been using the pedometer to earn coins and having fun taking 3D photos, etc. but these are not worth $250) would be snapping up whatever (and by whatever, I do mean whatever) games were available upon release as is often the case with a new platform.

It's the standard pattern to try and sell half-baked or mediocre games when a platform debuts and at full MSRP ($40 for the 3DS this time). In this instance, it looks like not everyone is biting.

I'll buy RE:Mercenaries and MGS3-D but I really couldn't care less about most of the games currently available or even the majority of the games scheduled for release. Certainly not for $40.

I have two games Street Fighter IV and Ghost Wars, my next game'll be Dead or Alive, most of the actual games are just bad, rushed titles (like Madden or Splinter Cell) or too niche to become big sellers (Samurai Warriors, host Wars)

As alfredofroylan. There are no killer apps on launch. Most are all assed games, even the one from Nintendo (Pilotwings ressort and Steel Diver) are too short to justify 40$. This would be better with the next batch of games.

But we must first concentrate ourselves on the way to entertain people, for video games to live. Else, it's a world where sales representative will win, which has as effect to kill creativity. I want to say to the creators all around the world:"Courage, Dare!". Shigeru Miyamoto.

Yes I think the next batch of games will sell quite well since I'm already thinkin about getting them as soon as they launch.

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I have Ghost Recon which is awesome, but I certainly didn't expect it to sell that well. So yeah I only have 1 game for it. I'll probably get ridge racer next.