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  I tried to embeb it in many ways, but it didn't work. Anyway, to experience the evidence, click here.

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Whats the odds of that happening again?

I hate to be that guy that says "already posted" but that was posted a while back soon after GT5's release. 

That's pretty funny actually.

The real driving on another car simulator.

I genuinely love GT3, but the series has been in decline ever since.... well.... GT4's 89, GT5: prologue's 80, GT5 full retails 84 & GT PSP's well..... erm 70 somthing is proof of that.

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love this comment on the site

Breeding super-cars has been a rich long tradition of Grand Turismo… now we may finally observe that they do in fact do it in the mounted perpendicular doggy style.

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Amazing discussion about being wrong
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Wow.  That's so realistic.  The lambo was forced to slow down considerably because of the added weight of the other car on top.

LOL that happen to me before also it was halarious!!!

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There is NOTHING wrong with two grown cars giving eachother piggy back rides. I REPEAT there is NOTHING wrong with that, dammit.