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Rainbird said:
superchunk said:
ultraslick said:

What exactly was announced and set in motion reguarding the suite? I am a little foggy on the details. I understand it is a broad interconnected place where the same games and services are located but does this absolutely mean;

1. There WILL be android apps on the NGP?

2. We will see the Suite on the PS3?

As others have mentioned, I could see many of the ideas posed in the OP being saved for the introduction of the PS4 and not the PS3. (The same thing happened with the PSP/PS3... as far as interface goes) I also believe that the rear trckpad will be standard on all PS4 controllers.

The rear trackpad on a PS4 controller would allow for the PS4 to easily play touchscreen made apps and games without using the analog sticks or directional arrows. The inclusion of it on the NGP seems only t provide evidence for its eventual appearance on the PS4.

Yes is the answer to both your questions. Last night's conference did specifically mention both as guarantees.

I do agree that all this will definitely be on the PS4, however, I think Sony wants to prolong the life of the profitable PS3 and as such, the inclusions I referred to would be not only be needed, but simply impossible to deny.

I've been looking at all the stuff that's come out of the conference most of the day, and I have seen no mention of either. Could you get a source for it?

I was up reading the live blogs and it was quoted.


As you read up this blog, it gets deeper into the NGP UI and Playstation Suite and there are quotes referring to this. The entire concept is said to be a way to bridge all Playstation and Android devices. Specifically the quote at 7:08 and 6:21, 6:22 and the rest of the description of PlayStation Suite. I may be reading too much into all of it, but I don't think so from the other live blog (this is just the static content, not the scolling blog).