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PS Move Heroes releasing on March 22 (Plus sales prediction)

0 (lololol) 6 4.58%
< 1 million 50 38.17%
1 - 2 million 53 40.46%
2 - 3 million 15 11.45%
3 - 5 million 2 1.53%
5 plus million 5 3.82%

PS Move Heroes, or as previously known as Heroes on the Move, is releasing on March 22nd.


Now, how much do you think this title will sell? I am not sure about it, it might do around 2-3 million.

Another exclusive for march, hurrah!

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Hard too say, i don't really know what kind of game this is, mini games?  platformer? Mix of both?

Will use of move be like 1to1 or just some gestures will make some character movement?

And is developed by Nihilistic Software. Wait ...... Who??

Platforming with mini-games(in the same genre?). Its very hard to say how much it will sell though, lol. Will depend upon the marketing and how much move has sold by that time.

I think both this and Sorcery will get a fair bit of marketing as they are the two major Move exclusives this spring (I think Sorcery is still pencilled in for spring) so I reckon 1-2m as a conservative guess.

.5 million

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

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1-2 million, I doubt Sony is going to advertise it a lot. They should, it would help the PS3 and Move.

Hard to tell, the only Move title doing fine is Sport Champions and that is bundled in America.

 Ratchet and Clank games struggle to really break beyond 1m nowadays so I'm going to think this will struggle to get anywhere near that. 600k LTD I reckon.

I really don't see where majority of the people voting pulling the 1-2M number from. Is there even enough information to make a prediction, and is this Move ONLY title or is it compatible with normal controls too? If it's a MOVE title, I think it'll take a while to breach the million, taking the relatively low Move userbase into account.

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1mil-2mil better market this game, gameplay vids looked fun :)

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