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Wii-owning JRPG fans suffered a blow today after it emerged that The Last Story is unlikely to launch in the west.

Nintendo told VG247 it has "no plans at present" to bring Mistwalker's promising game to these shores.

The news is sure to disappoint JRPG fans. The Last Story, which is being helmed by former Square man Hironobu Sakaguchi, has garnered interest from the genre's enthusiasts in recent months after a series of Japan-focused trailers hit the internet.

A single play through will set you back approximately 30 hours, there are 12,000 lines of in-game voiced dialogue and multiple online modes.

The Last Story releases on 27th January in Japan.




If this is indeed true then fuck you Nintendo, fuck you!!

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Like every other game. In Nintendo, the decision is made after Japan release. Just like NoE was denying the existence of any DS a week before NoJ announcement. They simply don't know.

This title will come... for sure :)



This isn't news. Nintendo hasn't had any official plans to release it in the West for a while, it's just a confirmation of what Nintendo have been insisting all along. Either it'll be announced for localisation at E3, or Nintendo will do what they're doing with some of the Japan only DS games and wait until Wii's successor is coming to localise Last Story and other titles.

Nintendo mierdda! I wish Micrsoft wouldnt abondon Mistwalker.

Well, if the game wont make it to the west, i dont need to buy a Wii.

I think it's all in Japan hands, like other games, if it do well on Japan they will take it to the west if not they don't.

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