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Just couple hours into the game, it is very similar to the game Ninty Nine Nights so please allow me to make a direct comparison.


Asian Lanuage support (not a pro for a lot of you but its just for me)

Up to 4 players max online co-op play (Think of it as N.N.N play with 3 of your friends) There are online match lobby but I only played for 30min online so I will not comment more untill more time spent online.

Equipments added into the game, which you can combine and sell trade with other players.


Somewhat smaller scale battle compare to N.N.N I think a lot of it has been cut because it needs to support multi-play

Narrow space compare to N.N.N

Story not very good, I think shallow is the best word to describe it

Graphic wise is not superior comparing both games. N.N.N color is more richer and KUF is brighter. I put it into cons simply because its a newer game and better graphics is expected.

Combo animations are very similar to N.N.N if not even more simple.


 I realized that the negative aspect does seems overweight then positive, but if you are a sucker for multi-player and mindless hack-and-slash fun then I strongly recommend. Its a good relax piece to have and play on and off with your Mass Effect game, because saving galaxy from the Reapers is hard work!  (Excuse my not so funny joke)

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Why is it that some people are under the impression that this is an RPG? Maybe the name sounds RPG-ish?

Anyway, interesting impressions. If you don't like Ninety Nine Nights, would you like this game?

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It didn't get the greatest review from Famitsu... Oh well, not every title can be a 9 or 10... But I wish they would do better in Japan.

This game looks pretty good. Its not a must-have but its a good addition to the Xbox 360 library.

I enjoyed the original Kingdom of Fire on the original Xbox.

I didn't realize it was out yet. Did you import it?

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Ckmlb - Maybe because from day 1, the developers have said it's an A-RPG?

From the preview build video, the game looks like a hack-n-slash ARPG adventure. Everything is stat based (Hp, Energy, item attributes, ect).

IMO, I wouldn't put smaller battle size as a con. After playing N3 and comparing it to KUF: The Crusaders, smaller definately was better. When you were hacking through thousands of monsters in N3, they didn't have that "personal" feeling to the kills.

Scotland Yard - Uberian is Taiwanese. KUF:COD came out in Asia last week....The game supports multiple languages (Korean version has English and Korean).

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

guess this just went from a must-buy to a rent

Give it a bit of time....He hasn't beat it yet.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Ari_Gold said:
guess this just went from a must-buy to a rent

So your just going to listen to someone review. If you found the game interesting at first than play the game then. I'm still buying it.

Answering couple questions:

If you don't like N.N.N then it is hard for you to like this one.

This is nothing like the previous KUF, you don't get your own army and its mainly focused on your main character alone.

The story doesn't get more exciting later during the game, and so far I have played 3 characters the main plot doesn't change at all.

Its a must have if and only if you like mindless hack and slash like Diablo series, which I personally do.