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If you have it and play it, add me!

I was noticing that there's some awesome online features that are used even if you only do singleplayer, so I think it'd be pretty cool to track other peep's progress and cars. Though I'm kinda disappointed that you can only send 1 car a day. Even worse, it seems there's a very slight chance of a sent car randomly disappearing : /

Right now im lvl 23 A-Spec and 19 on B-Spec.....besides the AI occasionally going retarded, B-spec ended up being abit funner than i expected....


PSN: Parasitic_Link

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I'll add you while my B Spec driver roars his way around in the Toyota Minolta Race car, thank god he's got to the point where he can handle this car...

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i'd add you and play with you, but i'm playing offline at the moment because of thunderously longer load times when i'm online. i don't really understand it. maybe my internet sucks (which probably isn't the case) or when i come to play the servers are overloaded. well whatever is the case, sadly, can't play online.. ><

sure just send me a GT5 bundle and I will be your friend in any game you want 

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