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d21lewis said:

Meh.  My home town is pretty cool.  No really cool malls and such for 30 minutes in either direction, though.  The hot girls aren't stuck up but they are immature to the point of retarded.  Grown women who want to engage in a conversation about "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"?  WTF!?

So, they're easy to get the sex from?  What's the problem?  

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and the chicks here I can't take them seriously they are just so down on my list since I moved schools.

NYANKS said:
chris212223 said:

Worst thing about where i live is that the majority of so-called "gamers" only know about one thing and thats FPS. -_-

Lol we have ALMOST the same problem. rofl 

Lol tell me about it. Most of my friends that i hang out with have ps3s but the thing is when i get online the majority of them are playing Black Ops 

High crime rates.

i live in Tasmania in Australia so work it out lol

1. i get 8mp/s internet but really its only half of that because my provider has a hard time reaching that speed because of my location,

2. its a shit hole

3. Bogans (Red Necks)

and thats about it, nothing special

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I actually love the area I live in, but to stay on topic many people here are so tight with their money their butt cheeks squeak when they walk.  As a business owner I hate getting nickel-and-dimed all the time.

"Some of you are thinking that you won't fight. Others, that you can't fight. They all say that, until they're out there."

It is really ghetto. Thank God i never had to go to the public high school.

We don't have a BevMo! Thusforth, I am left to the mercy of greedy liquor stores to overprice my Scotch, which I could get for $25 at a BevMo!, while they price it closer to $40.

Heavy Rain :(

No cinemas