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HexenLord said:

The problem with this is that they didn't just take the sales they mistracked and started tacking them on recent sales to make up for the gap. Thats why adjustments went back 2 years. They adjusted posted numbers from up to 2 years ago to smooth things out, putting the sales where they belonged. That has nothing to do with the fact that PS3 sales seen a huge jump in September. They didn't take all of the mistracked sales and just start adding them onto the numbers starting september to make up for what was miscounted.

but how would they track it when their tracked numbers were lower before the official results came out

that shows they weren't tracking it



The OP didn't ask why the gap suddenly shrank on the charts, he's asking why EMEAA sales are so high for the last few weeks.

For example, here are the sales from August until current (Worldwide):

Aug 1-7: 175,816

Aug 8-14: 184,177

Aug 15-21: 166,335

Aug 22-28: 165,168

Aug 29-Sept 4: 163,948

Sept 5-11: 150,805

Sept 12-18: 198,157

Sept 19-25: 207,959

Sept 26-Oct 2: 238,977

Oct 3-9: 240,719

Oct 10-16: 235,471

Oct 17-23: 232,770

Oct 24-30: 270,345

Oct 31-Nov 6: 304,183

PS Move released Sept 15/17 in EMEAA and Americas respectively, and on October 21st in Japan. Look at the numbers for these dates.


Yes but VGC never tracked those sales

MOVE showed almost no bump by VGC sales number

thwe bump showed from 15th september was only posted after official results on 29th october,before that the sales were completelt different

and ioi said himself that they weren't tracking areas where SONY sold

and as MOVE launched in september,they added sales near MOVE's release to justify their numbers but this was just an assumption,sales were never tracked


and the fact that the same happened with the previous quarter results

so the conclusion is

PS3 was already selling good before MOVE's release,it just wasn't tracked by VGC

the PS3 VGC sales number before 15th september are wrong

yes the MOVE cause bump but nowhere near it is shown by VGC

PS3 was already selling close to the MOVE bump numbers(after 15th sept numbers)before and got a slight bump by MOVE

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Squilliam said:

Because the PS3 was cut to $199 so sales exploded.

they will explode way more when $199 actually happens