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dtewi said:

I am not spending a fruitless hour to watch these videos when it won't convince me otherwise. And nor will I even watch it to destabilize your arguments.

I don't believe in God. I accept that other people do. I tolerate their belief. But what I don't tolerate is people shoving their beliefs down my throat.

You're not even attempting to prove it to us; you're just linking us to some videos which I doubt you viewed objectively. You probably watched it wide-eyed and uttered a soft "wow" every time they made some "monumental" statement. Actually, I doubt you even watched it.

So just give up. You already attempted to prove to us dinosaurs co-existed with man (which was quickly destroyed factually) and now you're trying to prove the unprovable. I'm sickened. If you had any decency, you'd ask for this thread to be locked.

I agree though I do want to believe in the Pie God but thats for another day and just a dream...

O_O Second time I've agreed with you in 24 hours!

Former something....

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You don't need to prove that GOD exists to ANYONE!! And also if what the video is pointing out is true, then GoD helps terrorrists KILL innocent people to show a lesson? Then, the GOD YOU! believe in, is a very cruel one.

So... your asking me to watch an hour and a half of your religious propoganda?


I believe in god, but I think it's wrong that you are trying to enforce this on others. 

If they don't want to believe then let them be.

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Don't push it on other people please.

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You convinced me *going to church now*!!!

god is true!!! my tv said so.




he's actully great friends with ET!



(ps on video game forums god is http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shigeru_Miyamoto)


tolu619 said:

I've discovered over the course of the years that you can NEVER tell WHAT will prove or disprove God to an individual. It differs too greatly. My Grandfather died in his sins & saw hell but because my Dad had struck a deal with God that none of his family members would die in their sins, God brought him back. A few months later and my Dad is trying to talk to him about it and he dismisses it saying "That was just a dream"! But he went there himself! Guess dat proves what Jesus said about people not believing even dead prophets.

Also, I know a woman who went to Church and heard a Bible reading of "And Person A begat Person B, and Person B begat Person  C & d who begat........" and she actually thought "My name must be there!" and gave her life to Christ! If u saw some of the absurd attempts to convince non-believers that people have made, you'd find this attempt very acceptable.

It moght not convince a soul but please if it does convince you, make sure to post and say so!

1. Have such a deal with God
2. Commit sins, never repent
3. Live forever!

....So how do you reconcile the two different accounts of the creation of Man if every word in the Bible is literally true?

Seriously? You put no effort into your original post, merely posting links, and then expect everyone else to give an hour and a half of their time?

That's not how these things work.