GT5 vs Forza 3: GT5 will?

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GT5 vs Forza 3: GT5 will?

match first week forza 3 sales (250,000) 32 7.84%
double (500,000) 36 8.82%
triple (750,000) 40 9.80%
x4 (1,000,000) 59 14.46%
x5 (1,250,000) 23 5.64%
x6 (1,500,000) 218 53.43%

Good thing that last part was removed from the OP, otherwise it would be a complete and blatantly obvious attempt at, yet again, stirring up crap between the 360 and PS3 fans. Now it's just a thread that is utterly nonsensical. Does this thread need to even exist? Of course not. Forza is 360, a console that isn't nearly as popular for racing games. Meanwhile, Gran Turismo has its exclusive PS3 fan base. You might as well be comparing apples and shoes here. The only similarity the two games possess is that they are both racing games, nothing more.

People need to learn to stop feeding these OP's need to try and cause drama when none is needed.

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tuscaniman said:
ConnorJCP said:
tuscaniman said:
HKN said:

It will more than 1,500,000 in Europe alone. , 3m first week.

I think so aswell, It will easily sell over 500,000 in Americas. Try about 2.5-3.5 million first week at worst. The attach ratio for this game is going to be 75% in Europe as some of you are expecting. it is ridiculous thaat people think otherwise.

Hmmmm...... i agree with both of you.

Nice job of editing my comments. If you think this game will sell anywhere near what Reach sold first week you're in for a rude awakening, but I'll just sit back and keep quiet till then.

Wow i like how you brought up Reach, even though neither of us had mentioned it.
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not high enough

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Well its pretty obvious because of GT's performance history it will outsell Forza lifetime, maybe in about 1 - 2 months. but this is not enough tbh, GT is up against GT4 and not even MW2 has sold 10m on the PS3, its also Sony's European flagship series, and only 2 PS3 games have sold over 3mil units in the EU, which is just over half of GT4s 6.5mil in the EU, so a seemingly improbable task, but i think if it moves consoles, it will happen.

Gt5 sales LTD >= Forza 1 &   Forza 2 & Forza 3 (1.07 & 4.02 & 3.05(at this moment))

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Up until now GT5 and Donkey Kong Etc are the only games receiving more positive attention (Metroid received maybe even more, but mostly blind hate  ) than Reach this Autumn. Will their sales match the hype? Will the haters ever admit they will have made it, in that case?

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slowmo said:

Range is too shallow in the poll, should have options for 2 and 3 million.

Forza is just more entertaining for some than GT, the fact we haven't had a GT this gen makes it all the more natural to think the franchise is better till proven otherwise.  There is no GT game released that is better than Forza 3 at the moment, GT5 should rectify that.

LOL!!! GT5 isn't going to sell 2-3 million it's first week. You do know this right? GT Prologue has just over 3 million lifetime. GT5 should easily beat Forza 3 in sales it's first week, as well as lifetime. There has always been more GT fans mainly because of Japan and U.K. markets which have always favored GT over Forza. The Japan market is really GT's edge though. Forza doesn't sell well in Japan simply because Japan gamers aren't into American game consoles or games. The real comparison is can GT5 outsell Forza 3 in the American market overall. At least in American both games are loved. I think GT5 will sell between 500K - 600K it's first week. Lifetime should be between  5 - 6 million. I've been wrong before though.


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GT5 vs Forza 3: GT5 will?


get delayed again? lol

ivanpgcs said:

Gt5 sales LTD >= Forza 1 &   Forza 2 & Forza 3 (1.07 & 4.02 & 3.05(at this moment))

GT5 isn't going to sell 8 million copies lifetime. This isn't the PS2 which had over 130 million consoles sold.


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RageBot said:

Funny thing is, this thread isn't much of an attack against Forza 3/360 users.

 Yea I agree. I think this is a thread to make GT5's relatively lackluster numbers look good. If we're comparing sales and people always talk about GT5 as PS3's biggest title, you'd compare to the top sellers, nothing less. I think people are letting the relatively low pre-order numbers of GT5 bother them and they must make it look good somehow. If with the GT name, GT5 only manages to outsell Forza 3 but falls short of other big selling titles, it would have been considered a failure just as if Halo Reach would only manage to outsell KZ2 without hitting huge numbers.