How good is SOCOM confrontation today!?! ( on a scale from 1 - 10 )

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How good is SOCOM confrontation today!?! ( on a scale from 1 - 10 )

10 2 9.09%
9 5 22.73%
8 6 27.27%
7 3 13.64%
6 2 9.09%
lower than 6 4 18.18%

Thinking about getting Confrontation. Most reviews say that the game was broken at release. However, today many say that the game has improved after many patches and updates. I enjoy SOCOM on the PSP till this very day. I've seen some videos on youtube and looks pretty good. So how good would you say it is on a scale from 1 to 10. Would you recommend it?

I'm going to get SOCOM 4, but it looks so different from Confrontation and I might want to experience both games.

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Just try it, its, $15 used.

indodude said:

Just try it, its, $15 used.

I going to get it most likely. Just curious of the opinions from others.

if you can get into it, its so addictive and fun. I was having so much fun with it until my ps3 broke down, then i got Uncharted 2 and MW2 and never really played it again. I recomend getting it in the Blu Tooth headset package if you can still find it.

boring compared to other socoms.


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When i played it it was fun its just there's too many other PS3 games keeping me away from it.  I have a friend that plays it constantly and loves the hell out of it.  I guess it depends on certain taste but for the price of it now i'd say its definitely worth it.

 No where near as good as other Socom's, still enjoyable for people new to the series though I'm sure. 

 I'd personally say wait until Socom 4 as I really didn't like Confrontation in the end, but for $15 you can't go wrong tbh. Recommend looking for a headset bundle though.

I would recommend it because it can be fun and very addictive but it may just end up sitting in your game collection like mine is