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XFX HD 5970 Black Edition LIMITED Leaked (Graphics Card) (Pics) (Video Card)


Graphics card

Found here, is the most powerful, and the most expensive graphics card ever - XFX HD 5970 Black Edition LIMITED Leaked! The sale on Ebay was, earlier this morning, at $500,000, and has already skyrocketted up to $1,000,000.


This graphics card has yet to be released, and is the most anticipated card ever! It is never acceptable to jump to conclusions, but if this card wasn't stolen, I have no idea how the owner managed to get it. This could be the biggest scandal to hit the Tech industry in quite some time, and judging by the price, it is probably tech sites trying to get a hold of this masterpiece.


Here is the description of the card: 


  • "Since the lack of sales record on my personal account Demon0fthefaII my post was taken down.
    I am now forced to re-post this on my friend's more reputable account.

    Here is the same info that was posted on the original item as well as a lot more information I found out about this card!
    Thanks for all your questions on the last post I tried to cover all of them in this new description.

    You have no idea how hard it was for me to get this card.

    I don't even think it has an official release date yet!

    I don't have a box, packaging, user manuals, or even drivers but I am sure they will be released online soon. It does come with a pretty awesome GUN CASE though...

    These are the only specs I could find on the XFX HD 5970 Black Edition Limited...

    - Dual GPU
    - 4GB DDR5 Memory
    - Bus: PCI-E
    - Output : 6x miniDP
    - Thermal solution : Dual slot fansink

    They are only making 1,000 of these cards so chances are you will never get your hands on one and even if you do its going to cost you well over $1,000.

    I also have this stuff that will come with it.

    3x MiniDP (Male) to DP (Female) adapter
    1x MiniDP to HDMI Dongle
    2x MiniDP to SL-DVI Dongle
    1x ATi CrossFire Bridge
    1x Black Edition Overclocking Tool"

If this turns out to be the real thing, we could have another leak that could match up to the likes of the Iphone 4g leak just recently. Please come back to this page to find updates as they come in!

Now, be sure to go to:   HERE    and    HERE


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I'd never pay that much for Graphics Card personally even if it could play Crisis at max :)

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500 000 - 1 000 000?
as in five hundred thousand to one million dollars, for a fucking desktop consumer grade card?

if it was a HD6XX0 card I would kinda understand but tis is just an overclocked 5970 it's not that big a deal, sure it's limited but it will be out soon and much cheaper. I mean $1,000,000 is insane a top of the line complete rig with 6 monitors and a 4D seat wouldn't be worth that.

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I wouldn't pay 1 million for a card that will be outdated in three years by a 500 bucks card...

Strange that some random eBay accounts with 0 feedback raised the price.

fazz said:
Strange that some random eBay accounts with 0 feedback raised the price.

What can i say i really wanted teh card.

The big is at $10,000 right now. Nowhere near $1,000,000.


thetonestarr said:
The big is at $10,000 right now. Nowhere near $1,000,000.

The bid was at 1,000,000 but Nearly half the Bids Are gone Now.


even at 10k, thats a waste of money IMO

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