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worth a thread ?

Time to Work !

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Rawnchie14 said:
xxmob said:
i wish they would show off different games. its always that ball game

I bet it's the best they have...


xxmob said:
i wish they would show off different games. its always that ball game

yeah,i  was thinking the same thing that they aren't showing anything else.


although they could be saving for E3.


For sure Halo Reach will be one of them,I just can't see MS not doing it when Eye is with GT5 during the same time.

Lord Flashheart said:
Wow. look at that lag.

damn, you stole my joke. I wanted to say that. -.-

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Two player co-op looks like a surefire recipe for black eyes and the consequent domestic disharmony.

steverhcp02 said:

The first screen is what has and still obviously worries me. His arm is nearly bent perpendicularly to his shoulder yet his avatar is still extended, i dont understand how a fast twitch potentially fun party game is meant to be just that, without having finite control. And the young man in the blue tshirt, pic 2, ...same thing with his arm, yet his isnt even moving fast enough for motion blur from the camera.

Actually if you look closely almost all those screens have the same issue. Look at the arms of these people, prettly much none of them mimic it perfectly

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Is that white ugly squareish box thing below the TV the actual natal?? That's a bit rubbish looking.

Also I'm sure that everyone here has a front room that uncluttered and large. Oh and a TV that big too. I hate this type of "ideal senario" photos.

I'm sure you'd hate the ideal scenario too if it was on the Wii.