My day was just made! MH Tri in the mail.

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MH Tri is in my mailbox! I need to go home and pick it up!

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Have fun, i know i am having a blast with the game :D


Lucky duck. Give us an initial impression when you can.


I figure my initial impressions will be similar to the Demo, which i have played a few times... As the introduction is pretty lengthy... But I'll see about the production values etc. things I couldn't really take from the demo.

i just pre ordered mine today! i got the wii speak bundle with classic controller. cant wait.
send your wii friend code this way for some online action... not usually big on using the wii online but im going to really take advantage of it this time around!

wii friend code: 3164-3458-9149-5470

PSN ID: youjiro87

360 Gamertag: PM me to find out!

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Wait what? I thought it was out tomorrow?

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.jayderyu said:
Wait what? I thought it was out tomorrow?

It is... but I got the being delivered message from Amazon on Friday with tracking info (standard shipping). It says it was delivered according to usps today.

wait...... yoh should feel awful kwowing it's in your house and you're far from it

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