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the whole time i fought Maiden Astraea it sent chills up my spine, the music, the moaning of the wrenched scattered across the area, her pleading with you to leave, vinland coming to beat you down....it was amazing

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Shadow of the Colossus. Best boss music ever.

More great boss themes:

I would put all of the Shadow Of The Colossus soundtrack down, it's that good!

Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad

Part 1


Part 2

One of Uematsu's better boss themes in the past decade or so, though it only gets really good once you hear the electric guitar creeping up on you like some sort of animal:

Warning: that's the final battle music for Lost Odyssey, so don't listen if you consider that a spoiler and haven't heard it yet.

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It's better in context

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

this is wayyy too hard...
I loved earthbound music, but mother 3 had an awesome boss music, and ct's final boss was...... and then Smiythi's Theme from mario rpg.....

It's a quadruple tie ^_^

OMG. How Sega could lost the touch?



 Recent, memorable epicness. :D

I stalled the battle on purpose because this music is friggen bad ass.